Anne's Dance Studio


All classes are combination classes with the time divided between ballet and tap. Jazz is included in the class period as the students become more experienced and are preteen or older.  All ages are welcome and no previous dance experience is needed.

Other studio features include perfect attendance awards presented at the recital, as well as, awards for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of participation. The recital is held in May and lasts one hour. Most costumes are in the $65 range and tickets sold at the door are $5 or less.

Our students come from many backgrounds and life experiences. It is our hope that during their hour at our studio they will feel welcome, at ease and motivated. Above all else is our sincerest desire to instill a love of dance in each student.

For information on what to wear and bring to class please click here.


Ballet class follows the Russian Classical Ballet form. Students spend equal time working at the ballet barre and center floor. Stretching and strengthening exercises as well as French terminology and proper technique are top priority. The live piano music adds remarkable and fine quality to the class. The ballet class is always presented in a fun and challenging way.

Whether you want to “Shuffle off to Buffalo” or “flap, slap or slide”, our tap class offers a wide variety of content. From classic tap steps to new up-to-date rhythms the student will be taught in a fashion that will enable them to think quickly and increase their coordination. Technique and terminology are also included as an important component of this class. The live piano music adds to the fun of this lesson!

Jazz class is the time for individual style to be cultivated. We really kick back in this class with fun steps that work well with the music. Many types of music are used for this class such as blues, Latin and rock. The music is chosen at the discretion of Anne and will not contain foul, lewd or suggestive lyrics. The steps are tasteful, modest and non-suggestive.
ExerciseBarre Blend

A fun 60-90 minute head to toe workout that utilizes every major muscle group in the body. Classes include ballet & yoga type stretches, core work, leg lifts, hand weights or Therabands and stability balls. Something new every class!
Modern Dance

This is a style of dance that focuses on a dancer's own interpretations instead of structured steps, as in traditional ballet dancing. Free moving, fluid and filled with expression. Drop-in class.
No dance experience necessary.
Speciality Workshops

Watch our website for the dance workshops that we offer throughout the year. Hip-Hop in Spring; Irish Dance in March; Summer Dance Camp in July.